What is Ontological Coaching?



"We do not see the world as it is, we see it as we are." - Anais Nin


Ontology is the science and philosophy of being

- of what is is to be human. Ontology has emerged

from the integration of significant developments

of the 20th century in the biology of cognition,

existential philosophy, linguistics, quantum physics,

systems thinking and contemporary management.

Chilean Fernando Flores, founder of the Newfield

Network, is the pioneer of ontology and remains a

world leader in the field. Flores brought together

the work of John Searle, John Austin, Humberto

Maturana, Martin Heidegger and others to create a

new way of exploring the human condition through

the way we use language.


Ontological coaching works to shift our 'way of being' allowing personal transformation in deep and lasting ways. We all have a way of being that is seen as a dynamic interrelationship between the three domains of existence - language, emotions and physiology. How we are in each of these three domains shapes how our world is for us; it's what constitutes reality. Our way of being contains deep-seated perceptions and attitudes, and is the underlying driver of our behaviour.


One of the disciplines of ontological coaching is to become a different observer of ourselves and the world. We all live in our story, and from that place it is difficult to observe ourselves and the world around us objectively. Ontological coaching encourages 2nd-order learning whereby we continually ask ourselves, "what is it about my way of being that has me observing this situation like this?"


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