Steve McKenzie (Soulpaths Founder) is a trained Vision Quest facilitator and Vision Quest protector trainer (Stalking Wolf lineage, New Jersey).  He is a Family Constellations facilitator (Margarete Keonning) and provides group workshops, as well as one-one constellation work. He is an Ontological Coach (Newfield Institute) and provides one-to-one coaching, soul-path guidance, as well as corporate workshops. Steve is also a Kambo facilitator with the International Association of Kambo Practitioners (IAKP).

Steve and his beloved Julie work with colleagues to host two Soul Nature Quests a year at Glenreagh in NSW. Steve and Julie also work together locally to offer Nature-based workshops to guide people to remember their wholeness.

He conducts Sweat Lodges and Ancestor Circles at a variety of gatherings and venues, including his base at Kupidabin Wilderness near Samford (Qld).


Steve also works with similarly-minded men to deliver a yearly five-month 'Journey to Soul' course.

Steve understands the relevance and place for ceremony and ritual, connection with

Nature, living our life purpose, earth spirituality, shamanism, sacredness, consciousness, working with ancestors, Elderhood, ancient wisdom, balancing the feminine and masculine, and inner transformation. He has deep respect for the indigenous peoples and ancestors of this land and ensures such ceremonies honour and acknowledge the peoples and the Spirits.

“I am passionate about helping you remember who you are and living aligned to, and being guided by, your soul. Your soul is powerful and colourful. I would be honoured to hold space to allow you to bring forth your true essence and personal power.”


Julie Vaughan is a compassionate and skilled psychotherapist and personal development guide.  She is a lifelong curious observer and student of the individual and collective human experience, and the deep mysteries of the ensouled natural world, the cosmos and the human psyche.


She holds utter respect for the innate vast intelligence within each living being; the deep impulse that seeks to move us toward our natural state of wholeness and our greatest potential.

It is Julie’s deep joy to offer an emotionally safe, non-judgemental and respectful space in which to:

  • explore, and bring to light, your inner world – underlying patterns, behaviours, perceptions, challenges, questions, stirrings, vast resources and potentials;

  • gain clearer insight into your current life issues or challenges, and navigate them from a different perspective;

  • move toward a more harmonious and empowered way of being in the world; and

  • support a deeper connection with the truth of who you really are, your innate, soul-infused magnificence, and your unique place in the web of life.


Julie is trained in Transpersonal Counselling, Vision Quest Protecting (Stalking Wolf lineage) and Reiki (Level 1), and engages in continual whole-hearted learning in areas such as transpersonal or sacred psychology, transpersonal states of consciousness, archetypal astrology… almost anything that speaks deeply of the human experience.  She regularly co-facilitates nature-based ceremonies and practices with her beloved, Steve.

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