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'Steve, of Soulpaths, is a facilitator, community custodian, ceremony steward of deep integrity. His presence is solid, humble and embraces all. His ceremonies, events and gatherings are facilitated with respect, integrity and wisdom. They bring together community, healing, strength and collective experience of soulful inspiration. As an experienced female facilitator and community cultivator, it is a sacred gift he offers to the sacred feminine by allowing one to receive, feel nourished, in the presence of safe space, deep witnessing for growth and authentic transformation.

Inter-connecting traditions, medicines and wisdom from a number of inspired ancient cultures, Steve is an embodiment of a modern elder combining wisdoms from interwoven niches; offering experiences which are utterly unique to what is being called by spirit to be experienced.

Would highly recommend if you and/or people you know who are ready for sincere, authentic, transformative growth to gift yourself, honour yourself and the community - by attending his gatherings and being a recipient of his Soulpaths work, you will be enlivened, re-birthed and supported on your path to your true authentic self. Thank You deeply Steve/Stephen for walking your path, sharing your service and supporting the community
by walking your truth.'

Kana Laya, Brisbane

"If you are feeling the call to Quest, then Steve and team provide a safe space and supportive environment for

you to take this incredible journey. I especially valued the inclusion of ritual and ceremony into the Vision Quest, along with the emotional, physical and spiritual support you receive before, during and after the event. I cannot fully express how remarkable

this experience has been, and I sincerely thank Steve, Rain, Laurent, Julie and property owner John for honouring their visions and facilitating the Vision Quest journey. Much love, Josh"

"I visited Steve yesterday carrying pain in my heart, some confusion and an awareness that something wasn’t right in the way that I was working with the world. Steve opened a path in the forest and lead with purposeful guided steps, to a  sacred circle for shamanic healing. There were moments of connection and honouring the Ancestors, trees, birds, elements and the beauty of that place. My heart opened, tears flowed and my body quivered. Stuff, old embedded stuff came up and out. I felt held by him and the place and the time and all that was to help transform that stuff and let it go. The path, whilst still from the same past, now opens clearer in the way forward. I honour you Steve, for all that you bring Brother.  Thank you."Djalmbu, Brisbane

"Thank you Steve a fantastic Holding Space workshop. I have greatly expanded my skills of space holding. I now acknowledge that I hadn't been very adept at holding space in past relationships. I particularly enjoyed holding space for a women, and having a women hold space for me was very healing. The workshop also expanding on my true nature and inter-connectedness with everything. I didn't think I was particularly in sync with a life purpose, but I now realise I have a passion for integrating the masculine and feminine. A terrific day of holding, being held, listening and being listened to ... essential skills for all my relationships. Gratitudes and blessings." - Ross, Brisbane

"From the moment I met Steve I knew the 'Journey to Soul' retreat would be a transformational experience. I could sense in him an attitude of genuine humility, compassion, love, deep spiritual knowledge and a burning desire to share it with us. I re-discovered the Sacred;  the the world of spirits, imagination, where I could connect with archetypal energies of the Lover, the Warrior, the Magician and the King, feel the support of my ancestors and draw on the energies of the Universe. I journeyed to the underworld, found and offered healing in my medicine place, reached deeper levers of vulnerability and openness in sharing, practiced the attitude of gratefulness and forgiveness, and listened to the teaching of trees, birds and silence. It was a deeply healing weekend. I am extremely grateful to Steve for leading me through this journey of self-discovery."
Piotr Szul, Brisbane

"I came to the Art of Holding Space workshop feeling lost and unable to cope when a relationship changed. Now I have learned to hold space for both myself and the other. I understand now to have patience towards the other and to allow them to experience what is needed for their journey."

Amanda, Brisbane

"I loved the 'Journey to Soul' retreat!! It was a beautiful combination of activities to facilitate reconnection to one's true self: guided meditations, reflection time in Nature, ceremony and ritual, music to move the soul, and plenty of opportunity to share and connect with each other. It was an incredibly healing weekend for me and I came away feeling deeply relaxed and at peace with myself. In summary, it was "pure bliss"! Thank you Steve, it was awesome!!"

Emma Vine - mid-north coast NSW

"The Art of Holding Space was such a beautiful and nourishing workshop. Steve created a safe, sacred environment for us to learn how to hold space for ourselves, our loved ones and the Earth. My relationships have already improved ten fold in the few days since and I'm looking forward to practicing more and more."

Sarah, Sunshine Coast

"Steve is a very authentic and real teacher. I learned much during the Art of Holding Space workshop and I look forward to doing more workshops with him."

Kara, Canungra


"The Holding Space workshop was a wonderful experience and eye opener. It has taught me to be 'present' with an 'empty mind' and certainly has helped me to understand the very important foundation of holding space for my fellow brothers and sisters." - Yvonne, Brisbane

"I really enjoyed the Holding Space day with Steve, I learnt to recognise the skills that I have as well as enhance them. It was well paced, accessible and Steve was genuine and open with his knowledge.  I felt a calm sense of reassurance about who I am and what I want to do by the time we finished. I would recommend it. Thank you."

Esther, Verrierdale, Sunshine Coast



"I had a profound experience on a one-to-one Vision Quest with Steve facilitating. Because of this event I am feeling lucky and honored to have met with him. Steve’s presence is very powerful and full of light. I’ve learned so many things from him and among them the most important one is ‘how to hold space for someone’. I think, this is very important for all humanity, especially in these days; that is the most beautiful thing that a person could give to another one. Yes, I am so lucky to have his unconditional love and Steve has given me this love in a deep, peaceful silence. Silence … another important thing for me that I’ve learned.  Steve is a self disciplined and equipped facilitator. He led me to the most profound experience in my life, very nurturing and I felt safe and in a good hands. He made me walk my road by myself; he was just walking next to me and helped me gain awareness for my life and let the critical points reveal themselves to me naturally! I encourage all of you who feel the call for quest to do it! I feel totally like it was good karma to meet with Steve and manifest this big turning point in my life to experience with him. Thank you Steve!"

Sebnem Donmez, Turkey

"I recently attended a Reconnect with your Essence Retreat and Steve facilitated an amazing weekend filled with so much heartfelt down-to-earth wisdom and knowledge. I felt nurtured, nourished, supported and inspired which allowed me to drop even more into the beautiful nature surroundings we were held in. Reawakening the value of connection, firstly to self, nature, animals & others through Ancestor circles, Family Constellations, stillness, guided meditations and much more. All potent yet simple rituals to remember who I am. The weekend was deliciously spacious, light, healing and transformational all at once!I highly recommend this weekend retreat to everyone, especially if would like to press 'reset' in your life and remember 'who you truly are and why you are here'."
Barbara G, Brisbane

"Within our circle Steve opened the field of our ancestors, and connected us to resources from directions, nature, Spirit, archetypes and time and space. Through this experience I received the flow of love from each of my grandparents, discovered new connections and the origins of many gifts. I was able to re-awaken these gifts in myself, parts of who I am, from them. In embracing them I somehow became more ... more whole, more developed, and more expansive in my heart and being.  I was also able to respectfully return to greater sources the things passed to me that no longer serve me, allowing me to break free of entanglements and burdens which I  no longer need to carry. From this I felt light and able to move forward in my life with ease and with the blessings from my four bloodlines. Steve's facilitation created  a very personal connections between everyone in the circle where it was safe to show my vulnerability, and for others to witness its transformation into strength, clarity and belonging to a greater field that supports us to grow. I am inspired to cultivate discipline for a daily practice  since attending Steve's workshop because I have experienced how life affirming this work is on many levels. Thank you Steve; you are a spiritual Elder and guide."
Matt Dilges, Psychotherapist & Constellation facilitator


"Hi Steve. I just wanted to thank you for holding such a powerfully transformative space today in the Ancestor Circle.  I enjoyed your facilitation. It was all sorts of beautiful. I feel the integrity in your work and really honour that. What you bring is deep and very allowing. It's also really refreshing to see men in a group that honour the feminine within themselves and in the female of our species.  So thank you for what you bring. It's comforting to know you are on the planet. Namaste."
Kate Tempest - The Awakened Healing Space -

"I was deeply impressed by my Vision Quest experience.  This was my first and it won't be my last.  For me the experience was very profound and magical, in it awakened the sense of connection I feel with the natural world and with it a sense of deep safety.  Steve was very thorough in his communication and was, I felt, very authentic in the way that he conducted the Quest.  It was my experience that the protection team expertly walked an intuitive line between taking decisive action where required and allowing the process to organically unfold where it was safe to do so.  I felt considered and well cared for throughout the whole experience, from my first introductory phone call till now, a little over a week after returning home from my Quest.  It is my personal feeling that any workshops or events Steve facilitates would be deeply authentic and exceptional value for money."

  Ian Thomas, Byron Bay, NSW.

“The Ancestor Circle was such a beautiful experience that I will always hold dear to my heart. The music was beautifully perfect as was the silence! Each piece came at the right time, encouraging and supporting me to go deeper into my heart and soul. It was all just so spiritually and soulfully deep and magical!”

Jennifer Anderson, The Arena Coaching


"I didn't know what to expect on the quest, yet was clear on the areas of my life that needed changing. I'd had enough of living life the way I had been. I seriously wanted to change my life; I just didn't know how. I was first taken with the feeling of the land - it was gentle, yet strong. And the group opened and connected quickly and deeply. I felt safe and ready to embark on this journey. After our preparations, which I found to be powerful, we went to our quest sites. It was a subtle, yet immensely profound experience - one that I am still 'unravelling' and 'digesting' more than a week later. At the time I didn't realise the level to which I had been moved and shifted. Even in the few days after the quest, I experienced so much shifting, awareness and clarity; things I hadn't even sought from the quest. And that is still continuing. This has been and continues to be a deep and powerful experience; one that has impacted me in a fundamental way. We had a great group; where it was safe to let down our guards, open and reveal our challenges and pain. And we were supported by Steve and Laurent to go as deep as we needed. Thank you Steve, Laurent and the other men. Aho" 

Kieran, Murwillumbah

"I came back a bit over a week ago from a Vision Quest facilitated by Steve and Rain. I am still basking in the clarity I am feeling and feel compelled to share my experience … personally, I had some amazing visions, I will be writing a book (I not only got  the book title, but got the body and layout as well), I also got some clear direction in where to from here, in both my working life and personal life. The clarity around my wife blew my mind, I just had not seen it from that perspective before, what a game changer for my love life. I feel very blessed."

George Gummow, Mt Tamborine

"I had heard about Vision Quest throughout my life, not fully understanding the extent of what was involved in this very ancient wisdom. It came into my awareness quite out of the blue that it was time to have this experience. Feeling a little apprehension, I communicated with Steve my fears and concerns which they met with such a grounded presence. I signed up.  I knew in my heart this was an opportunity to truly meet myself and integrate this past, intense year of my life with no distractions. An opportunity to sit in stillness in nature, be held by mother earth and spirit, allowed space to reflect back to me pieces of my puzzle I had been searching for. The understanding that dropped in about my life and self as I had known it has been profound; possibly one of the most life-changing and rewarding experiences I have journeyed so far. I'd like to thank and acknowledge Steve for holding such an integral 7-day program. The support team work together in such a natural, heartfelt way, sharing their individual expertise, wisdom and knowledge of vision quest and much more, which supported me to drop into this amazing experience lightly and safely."

Barbara George, Brisbane



"In October this year, I stepped out of my comfort zone and into my Shaman. An opportunity to reconnect with nature and find some answers to life's big questions was on offer. So, I jumped into my Warrior Goddess and fronted up with a group of other brave questers for some life-changing guidance through Mother Gaia. I felt stuck, motivationally crippled and at a loss for direction in life so I asked the Universe/Great Spirit/Goddess for help. The answer came directly to my FB feed and there was no way I wasn't going to be there, everything fell into place with synchronistic perfection. This was meant to be! Day 4 - Boo Yah! The mind,  broken, subdued and exhausted, finally let go and allowed a life changing revelation to wash over me and 40 something years of 'Who am I and what am I here for?' blissfully melted away. Day 5 - I triumphed! I can not describe the incredible feeling of walking out of the bush at first light on day 5, to be reunited with my tribe and be held in such love and support. Vision can come in many forms. My vision was a visit from the Spirit realm from an ancient Shaman medicine man who is now my teacher. It was also the piecing together of events/moments in my life that did not previously have meaning.  I still find it incredible that I spent so many years with the answers inside me but was unable to access them because our earth bound human lives are so busy and full of disconnect. It took 4 days sitting alone in the bush with no distractions (other than nature) to discover what Great Spirit had been trying to show me most of my life. DOH! To my fellow questers, I love you and you will always be in my heart and forever my tribe. Rain and Steve, my Vision Protectors, thank you, thank you, thank you for your love and support. I am so grateful to you for opening up the door and gently guiding me to this place where I stand in my authenticity, strength and love. I love you and you will always be in my heart and forever be my tribe. AHO!"

Tess Tanner, Sunshine Coast

"Since I was a young boy I have always enjoyed time in the Australian bush and as I grew up, the more remote the places the better, but nothing could have prepared me for this Vision Quest.  I knew vaguely of it's history with the North American Indians but still nothing prepared me for four days of confronting myself with no room for projection or opportunity to be distracted; it was all my stuff and I have to confess some of it was not pretty! It was one of the hardest things I have ever done; partly it was the heat of my western-facing site but also to do "nothing" but hydrate and have a really good look at my thoughts with the beauty of nature surrounding me. Day one and two were challenging, day three surviving, by day four the answers came in waves for me. I had surrendered! If you are prepared to really look at yourself I would recommend this experience; it won't all be fun but I can verify you will be in safe hands with the two facilitators Steve and Rain.  A process that I prepared for over five weeks and a gift that will last a lifetime."

Tim Easton, Brisbane


"Vision Quest was the most powerful transformational experience I have ever had. The insight I gained into my own life process has been invaluable."

Emma Vine, Pyschologist, mid-north coast NSW



"I am in awe of this incredibly life changing Vision Quest process with Steve and Rain. Life feels serendipitous right now with everything as it should be and an effortless flow to it."

Michele Heifer, Sydney




"As a man in his forties now, purpose and deeper meaning has become my number one priority in life. The preparation for vision quest with Rain and Steve was very supportive and super clear, which alone was very insightful! The 7-day experience and facilitation before, during and after quest was critical to the whole outcome. If you're looking for direction, deeper meaning or want to know yourself at a whole new level, then I highly recommend this profound journey that still after one month keeps unpacking more and more profound learnings and insight into how nature is possibly our best teacher in life."

Blair Hughes, Beyond Fitness Coaching, Sydney"

"The Vision Quest was for me an intense purification and, unexpectedly, initiation. I had no expectations and I couldn’t have imagined the power of it, and how it’s opened me up to a whole new understanding of, and relationship with, myself, the Earth, and Spirit and to the indigenous shamanic presence in this land. I want to thank you Steve and Rain for the power of the protective role that you held for us – so much love!"

with love and thanks, Marianne Jago-Bassingthwaighte, lawyer and aid worker, Uki

"It’s been 12 months since we completed the vision quest and I have to say that the quest for me never ends.

My first thought of the quest was that I was disappointed that I was not taken up in a spaceship over the quest. Rain did tell me I had to be back by the Friday if I left. What I was left with was just me. Finding the real Barry under the cloak of invincibility.

Since the quest, I have left a dysfunctional relationship, traveled the world by myself for 5 months and then moved into a more equal and loving relationship in the Australian bush. I wish to pause and thank again the protectors and the fellow questers that have helped turn my life around. What is important to me now is being real and conscious in the world. I look forward to what the quest presents itself over the next 12 months. Love and blessings."

Barry Auchettl, The Conversation Game

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