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Steve is a Vision Quest facilitator trained with Earth Heart Institute in New Jersey in the Stalking Wolf lineage. Stalking Wolf, a Lipan Apache Native American, passed on the knowledge to Tom Brown Jr.

The next group Vision Quest is from Sat 19 March to Sun 27 March 2021. The venue near Stirlings Road, Mt Byron about 1.5 hours north-west of Brisbane. This involves two days preparation, four days and nights out in the quest circle, and two days integration. Applications are open now (see below).

Steve also hosts 1-1 or small private vision quests at his home base at Dundas, Qld. These

can be dawn-dusk, 24-hour or 4-day quests. Enquiry directly by phone with Steve.

You may find the timing is right to quest when:

  • you are ready to claim your birth right of authentic power and life purpose

  • you want to experience your soul in a deeper and meaningful way

  • you want answers to profound life questions

  • you are wanting re-connection with yourself, your spirituality and nature

  • you want to experience stillness, free from distractions and stress

  • you are seeking personal transformation

  • you are experiencing a life transition

  • you are ready to release no-longer-needed emotional block


Your quest begins the day you commit to attending. Your quest continues after the four days in your quest circle, and indeed for the rest of your life here on earth. How it unfolds differs from person to person, so we encourage you not to have expectations – all will be perfect for you.
The quest is an opportunity to meet the stillness within, deeply immersed in Nature, to connect with your true essence, and to reclaim your birthright of a life filled with purpose and vision. The encouragement is to live your life aligned and infused with your soul power.

What is a Vision Quest?


The vision quest is a nature-based ancient rite of passage used for thousands of years by indigenous cultures for spiritual growth and expansion. It is a solo bush experience in which you spend four days and nights immersed in the beauty and healing energy of nature and Mother Earth. It will provide you with an opportunity to be still; still enough to hear the voice that is calling you onto your visionary path.


You are alone in a small quest circle with no distractions, fasting from all things familiar except water. You come face to face with yourself, and get to know more deeply who you are. There is something about being alone in nature that brings us closer and more aware of the four elements and our connection to a creational source.


In a vision quest conditions are designed to allow our soul to move beyond the illusions of the little self and

enter the unity of the inner whole. This quest is free from all religious dogmas and beliefs. Though the quest

is derived from Native American traditions, it is practiced all over the world. The week will include ceremony

and ritual to support your soul work and personal transformation.


The Vision Quest at Mt Byron and run over eight days. Prior to your quest, we will help you prepare for this

life-changing event and we will provide the structure and support you will need. The eight days consists of

two days arrival and preparation, four days and nights in the quest circle,  and two days during which we give

you the tools to help you integrate and understand the insights you have received to allow this spiritual

growth into your daily life.


Prior outdoor experience is not required. Please call to discuss any questions or concerns about dietary or medical needs. 


Contribution - $1,200

Testimony - "There are some experiences in life that stand above and beyond the thrum of daily existence and deliver such intense and unfathomable transformation that herald a deeper more integrated perspective on being human. An alchemical process of transfiguration, in my experience, generally doesn’t come by chance. It’s a result of heartfelt intention, unwavering devotion to face my fears, my shadow and my trauma, and a willingness to step into the liminal realms of mystery and wonder, bound by the fabric of creation. It also requires the support, care and guidance of people who know und understand deeply this process, people who have devoted their path to assist others to step into the fullness of their being. The Soulpaths offering of Vision Quest is all of this and more. Honouring the Stalking Wolf lineage this process is impeccably delivered with such integrity, love and respect allowing for massively transformational experiences. Highly recommended."

Adam Sebastian West, Sunshine Coast

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Happy questers

Vision Quest Protector Training
1-10 Sept 2022

Steve is teaming up again with Kate and Sam from Nature Philosophy (see to deliver their fourth Vision Quest Protector Training 1-10 Sept 2022 at Mt Byron, 1.5 hours NW of Brisbane.

Steve sat his first vision quest with Kate and Sam in 2013 and is excited to be working with them again to bring Stalking Wolf's vision quest teachings to Australia. Kate and Sam have a long history with this lineage with Kate having spent a year in the Pine Barrons, New Jersey learning many of Stalking Wolf's teachings with Tom Brown Jr.

The training is a 10-day initiation into the pathway of Vision Quest protection.

Are you called to guide people on the powerful rite of passage that is a Vision Quest?


In this extensive training program we will cover the spiritual and energetic skills of protecting a Vision Quest. Specifically this includes:
* spiritual protection
* spiritual commitment
* detecting and interpreting areas on the land which contain light and dark influence
* personal and area shielding
* techniques to trigger silence so you can "see" beyond the physical world
* safe ways to navigate the transformational energy of the Vision Quest, and
* understanding the dynamics of ceremony

Additionally, you will learn all the logistics required to safely organise, facilitate, and protect a Vision Quest for others.

There will be a mix of group process, key note presentations and dynamic learning experiences. Sweat Lodge ceremony is offered and a Vision Quest Ceremony will run in parallel with your training. This will enable you to gain direct experience with the power and energy of Vision Quest while "in training". It will also equip you with invaluable experience regarding the interaction of quest energy and the skills of protection.

Please note that to complete your training and be qualified to offer your own Vision Quest Ceremony you will also need to apprentice as a Vision Quest Protector at a Vision Quest program after the completion of your training.

This program was originally designed to train only those called to the Vision Quest Protector path. However many people who never intend to protect a quest have taken this program as it suits their own unique spiritual needs. The spiritual teachings offered are universal, and significantly deepen your personal Vision Quest experiences as well as empower your life journey.

This program culminates with the Second Level of Quest, which alone has the capacity to fundamentally transform us.
See the description for this at and for more information about the other levels of quest.


This training is based on the Vision Quest ceremony and teachings passed down by Stalking Wolf (Lipan Apache elder and Shaman) to Tom Brown Jr. and then to Malcolm Ringwalt, who taught Kate, Sam and Steve.

Kate, Sam and Steve have all deeply committed to the journey of quest and from this place can offer you extensive experience with both personal Vision Quest and Vision Quest Protection.

We are excited and honoured to be offering this program in Queensland and Australia and welcome anyone who has quested in this lineage to be in touch.

Kate Rydge & Sam Robertson -
Steve McKenzie -

Prerequisite: 4-day Vision Quest Ceremony
COST: $2,400 (plus gst)

Early bird: $1,990 (plus gst - 14 May)
10 day program, includes all food, camping accommodation & expert training in Vision Quest facilitation. Please note - to complete your training and be qualified to offer your own Vision Quest Ceremony you will need to apprentice as a Vision Quest Protector at a Vision Quest program after the completion of your 10-day training.

DATES: 1-10 Sept
Enquiries: Steve 0406 286 727

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